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On this page we will list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

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Tattoo Machine Rebuild Kit 
Here we have a tattoo machine rebuild kit.
1.set of 8 wrap coils{screws included}1 inch or 1-1/4 inch...if the shorty coils it will also come with a 1/4 inch yoke.
2.18g springs
3.armature bar
4.brass/iron binding posts{whatever i have in stock at the time}
5.coin vise screw
Please Note.....the picture is for demo purposes ONLY.
Please send email with the coil covers and size you would like...if no email i will send a random set



Hand Wound Coils
Here we have hand wound  coils.standard 1-1/4 inch and 1 inch.

You can choose from 6 or 8 wrap.

When paying please write a note on the pictures you want or email  the pictures to me at
$30.00 Unwired

$35.00 Wired


Here is some of the coil wraps i make...

Pin-up Girls,Money Wraps,Giger Style,Foreign Money Wraps,Skulls,Jim Beam,Jack Daniels,Budweiser Girls,Old Schooled...The Possiblities Are ENDLESS!!

Picture for demo purposes only!!

Tattoo Machine KTI Vise Screw!
NEW KTI vise screw.Made Of Iron And Blackened
8-32 x 5/8.



Tattoo Machine Buffalo Nickel Vise Screws
 Handmade tattoo machine buffalo nickel vise screw.
8-32 x 5/8.



Tattoo Machine 1943 Steel Penny Vise Screws
 Handmade tattoo machine 1943 steel penny vise screw.
8-32 x 5/8.



Tattoo Machine Vise Screws
 Handmade tattoo machine foreign coin vise screw.
8-32 x 5/8.
These will be random.



18 Gauge Lucky's Springs
Set of 18g Lucky's Springs
Liner Or Shader...
Blued Finish
Please Specify At Checkout



8-32 Brass Wing Nut
8-32 brass wing nut



8-32 Black Oxide Wing Nut
8-32 black oxide wing nut



Standard Armature Bars
Standard armature bars....made of iron and are 1-5/8 oxide finish 

Drilled and Tapped 8/32.



Tattoo Machine 8/32 Flat Knurled Contact Screws
8/32 brass contact screw.Knurled Top



Tattoo Machine Armature Bar Alignment Tool
Handmade tattoo machine armature bar alignment tool.
These are made of 360 brass and are 5/16 x 3-1/2
These are the perfect tool to align your armature bar with your tube vise.
A MUST for any builder or assembler.


Tattoo Machine Parts Lot
Here we have one of my smaller parts lots.this picture is JUST for demo purposes ONLY.....each lot will include the following items....
1.4 sets of coils{you choose 1 inch or 1-1/4 inch}
2.4 sets of brass binding posts
3.4 sets of springs
4.2 1/4 inch yokes{4 if you want all 4 sets of coils 1 inch}
5.vise screw setups{screws,washers and wing nuts{please note...the picture shows skeleton key head wing SOLD OUT of them}
6.4 armature bars{2 standard and 2 fluted}
Please Note....all the coils will be made each order...again this picture is just for DEMO PURPOSES ONLY!


Please Note....The picture is for DEMO purposes ONLY...each lot will vary with the coils!!

MEGA Tattoo Machine Parts Lot
1.10 sets of coils{you choose 1 inch or 1-1/4 or mix and match}
2.10 sets of springs
3.10 sets of brass binding posts
4.assorted socket and button head screws{all 8-32 thread}
5.#8 steel washers{will need to be cleaned as there very oily}
6.assorted armature bars shoulder washers.
Each lot made at the time of the order....coils will all vary


Please Note....The Picture is for demo purposes ONLY,and each lot will be alittle different!....the coils and binding posts will vary.....each lot will be different but with the same amount in each one!